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Argument 2

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This is a student response to the question listed in the blue box on the right.  It takes a clear stance but also debates the other side prior to the conclusion.
Good for showing both sides of the issue, exploring critical thinking and for having students go back and add argumentative features

Argument 2 - Question and Sample

Sample Argument:


Clearly more federal money needs to be allocated to projects that affect citizens' daily lives, rather than being wasted to extraneous programs that have no direct effect on the population.  It is important for people to see their tax dollars being put to good use as it bolsters their confidence in the state.  By addressing pertinent issues, the state shows its citizens that it realizes that some issues are crucial.  Most importantly, the government needs to address relevant issues like poverty, homelessness and education before it can - in good conscience - engage in its superfluous agendas.


Poverty is a major problem for the United States even though we are a powerful nation that can afford to waste millions - sometimes billions on space travel and other silly expenditures.  While we have a vibrant economy, we cannot deny that a large gap exists between the rich and the poor.  In the summer of 2005 Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and other parts of the South and in the efforts to rebuild the whole of America was exposed to the extreme poverty of New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina.  For once Americans saw the tremendous gap between the rich in the poor.  Major newscasts documented the squalor New Orleans natives had lived in; living paycheck to paycheck the poor of New Orleans lacked the finances and the skills to build their lives.  While Katrina highlighted the issue of poverty, America is no stranger to dealing with its poor.  While efforts have always been made, in order to rectify the situation increased allocation to form a larger budget will be required.  Poverty affects everyone in a nation and a nation should consider it an issue of utmost importance.  This must be the first responsibility of a nation-state, specifically a nation-state that the holds itself as an example to the rest of the world.


Another priority that America should spend more time assessing is the issue of homelessness.  Homelessness has continually been a major issue in the United States and it continues to effect both urban and city areas.  How can any country engage in extraneous space travel - or any superfluous program - while its citizens live daily without a roof over their head and with no idea where their next meal may come from.  The current efforts to combat homelessness such as soup kitchens and group homes are admirable.  However, these efforts are just a band-aid.  It will take increased government funding in order to really combat homelessness and to alter the daily lives of many of America's citizens.


While governments unload millions of dollars on programs that have little or no effect on the daily lives of their citizens, education in America is in crisis.  There are appallingly high levels of students who drop out at the high school level, according to a recent NewsWeek Feature Article.  If students do not obtain a high school diploma they set themselves up for a lifetime of frustration and failure.  Also, education contributes to the gap between the rich and the poor when education should be working to correct it.  The quality of education is directly affected by the income in the school district.  So students from low-socio economic backgrounds typically attain a below average education when they should be gaining an education that will allow them to escape their background.  In order to fight against these two major flaws of the educational system, we need a larger budget through more government funds.


Of course, one can see how a space program could be of some use.  Being able to travel in space bolsters national confidence and national pride.  A space exploration program says, "We constantly strive to be the best" and that is a good thing that should not be disputed.  However, what is the use of space exploration when a significant percentage of a population suffer through poverty, homelessness or below standard education?


It all comes down to what the government should see as the most important.  What is most crucial thing to ensuring the best nation state?  Spending funds on random, largely irrelevant programs or focusing on the day-to-day needs of its people?  We need a government that shows a responsibility to its citizens every day and that shows how their tax dollars are being used to address the most pertinent problems in an effort to promote a better, more engaged society.


More federal money needs to be allocated to projects that affect citizens today to day lives, rather than being allocated to extraneous programs life space exploration.

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